By Marcus Hansson from Göteborg, Sweden (cc 2.0)
By Marcus Hansson from Göteborg, Sweden (cc 2.0)

Derrick Neufeld‘s academic interests center on the topics of technology leadership and “virtuality”, and span many interrelated areas (teamwork, innovation, enterprise integration, privacy and security).

Professor Neufeld’s work has been published in leading academic peer-reviewed journals, books, and teaching case studies.


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  1. Principles of Information Systems: A Managerial Approach with R.M. Stair, G.W. Reynolds, & J. Aldcorn (Textbook)
  2. Profiting from Information Resources: China Practices and Global Trends with Y. Fang & D. Compeau (Casebook)
  3. Isobord’s Geographic Information System GIS) Solution with S. Griffith, in the book GIS in Business (Book Chapter); reprinted in Annals of Cases on IT 2000; reprinted in Organizational Achievement and Failure in Information Technology Management (Khosrowpour)
  4. NRG Investments: Choosing an Internet startup for venture capital financing with K. Thomson, in the book Strategic Electronic Marketing: Managing E-Business (Book Chapter)
  5. Telework and the balance between work and family: is telework part of the problem or part of the solution? with C.A. Higgins & L.E. Duxbury, in the book The Virtual Workplace (Book Chapter)


  1. On leadership & teamwork: // Virtual Teams at Ivey // Canada Health Infoway [Spanish Version] // IS strategy at the Toronto Stock Exchange // The Navigators of Canada // Digital Canada’s New Work Environment
  2. On IS project management: // HTT Supercar // Mustang Music (A) [Chinese Version] [(B) Case] // Nuway Software // Canadian Firearms Program // RBC Investments – Portfolio Planning Initiative [Chinese Version] // Champion Products // Tandesic corporation – from CRM to PRM // Evergreening PCs
  3. On innovation: // Binnj on the Apple iPad [Graphic Novel Version] [Chinese Version] // 1-888-JUNK-VAN [Chinese Version] // CAA Roadside App // Sensory Technologies Video Case // NRG Investments: Venture Capital Financing // Extreme Surfer’s Guide to Web Search Engines
  4. On enterprise integration: // Keda’s SAP Implementation [Chinese Version] // Open Text Corporation // Asset Management Module Selection // Those !*@! Wireless Network Cards // Shanghai General Motors’ SAP Implementation Team // Information Systems Outsourcing
  5. On computer crime & security: // Mafiaboy // Computer Crime // Personal Computer Security

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