Group Support Systems in the Case Method Classroom

Research Question: How can real-time collaborative technology be effectively integrated in the business school classroom? Abstract: This exploratory study reports on term-long use of a discussion-based GSS by 137 undergraduate business students in a case-based core MIS course. We develop … Continue reading

Collaborative Team Learning in Information Systems

Research Question: Can the team learning pedagogy effectively develop technical knowledge and team skills? Abstract: Business schools must learn how to deliver graduates who are capable team players, particularly in the field of information systems where IS personnel are frequently … Continue reading

Isobord’s Geographic Information System Solution

Research Question: Can GIS technology be used to optimize straw harvesting operations? Abstract: Isobord, a start-up company that is setting up a new strawboard production plant in Manitoba, Canada, is facing critical operational problems that threaten its future. Isobord’ s … Continue reading