Why Do IS Projects Fail? (Hint: You probably already know the answer!)

An article in MIT’s Sloan Management Review (http://sloanreview.mit.edu/projects/embracing-digital-technology/) describes why IT projects so often fail to achieve their intended outcomes. The explanation emphasizes leadership failure specifically, but I believe a closer read really points to three core problems: (1) failure … Continue reading

How good are you at multitasking? Try this game …

I recently came across an article showing that laptops in the university classroom lowers performance, both for the student using the laptop as well as for those seated nearby: Junco, R., 2012. In-class multitasking and academic performance. Computers in Human … Continue reading

Can technology leaders really have charisma?

Despite a decent performance by Ashton Kutcher, Joshua Stern’s biopic on the late Steve Jobs has been panned by critics and audiences (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/jobs/). A more compelling, free(!), and “gritty” watch can be found in Steve Jobs The Lost Interview — … Continue reading

Top Management Support of Enterprise Systems

Research Question: What supportive actions do top managers engage in during IS implementations? How do these actions affect IS implementation outcomes? Abstract: Despite the general consensus regarding the critical role of top management in the information systems (ISs) implementation process, … Continue reading

Roller Coasters & Remote Leaders

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to observe a friend as he has designed and launched a new, high-tech entrepreneurial venture. He has been very generous in sharing the ins and outs, and it has been exciting … Continue reading

Remote Leadership, Communication, & Performance

Research Question: How is leader performance influenced by leadership style, physical distance, and communication effectiveness between leaders and followers? Abstract: As remote work arrangements have gained in popularity, workforce dispersion has become increasingly widespread. Little research to date has examined … Continue reading

Charismatic Leadership and User Acceptance of IT

Research Question: How does perceived leadership behaviour influence the acceptance and use of information technology? Abstract: Although there is widespread agreement that leadership has important effects on information technology (IT) acceptance and use, relatively little empirical research to date has … Continue reading