Can technology leaders really have charisma?

Despite a decent performance by Ashton Kutcher, Joshua Stern’s biopic on the late Steve Jobs has been panned by critics and audiences ( A more compelling, free(!), and “gritty” watch can be found in Steve Jobs The Lost Interview — … Continue reading

Where Good Ideas Come From

This video is based on Steven Johnson’s new book. It looks fascinating. Check out the book at Amazon. Continue reading

Implementing Innovation

Research Question: What are the relationships among innovation-values fit, implementation climate, and implementation effectiveness? Abstract: Despite a substantial volume of research activities on innovation implementation, implementation outcomes continue to disappoint—particularly those related to large-scale information systems (ISs) implementation projects. In … Continue reading

The IS Identity Crisis

Research Question: What topics do IS scholars research (i.e., central character)? To what extent has the identity of the IS field remained static over time (i.e., temporal continuity)? How unique is research published in IS vs. non-IS research journals (i.e., … Continue reading