How good are you at multitasking? Try this game …

I recently came across an article showing that laptops in the university classroom lowers performance, both for the student using the laptop as well as for those seated nearby: Junco, R., 2012. In-class multitasking and academic performance. Computers in Human … Continue reading

Stanford Prison Experiments

I came across the Stanford Prison Experiments while working on a paper exploring cybercrime. In 1971, a professor of Psychology at Stanford University named Philip Zimbardo conducted a bizarre experiment in which 24 students agreed to act as inmates in … Continue reading

Where Good Ideas Come From

This video is based on Steven Johnson’s new book. It looks fascinating. Check out the book at Amazon. Continue reading

Technology-Mediated Learning

Research Question: How do students learn in technology-mediated environments? Abstract: Technology-mediated learning refers to an environment in which the learner’s interactions with learning materials, peers, and/or instructors are mediated through information technologies (Alavi and Leidner, 2001). The objective of this … Continue reading

The IS Identity Crisis

Research Question: What topics do IS scholars research (i.e., central character)? To what extent has the identity of the IS field remained static over time (i.e., temporal continuity)? How unique is research published in IS vs. non-IS research journals (i.e., … Continue reading

Group Support Systems in the Case Method Classroom

Research Question: How can real-time collaborative technology be effectively integrated in the business school classroom? Abstract: This exploratory study reports on term-long use of a discussion-based GSS by 137 undergraduate business students in a case-based core MIS course. We develop … Continue reading

Collaborative Team Learning in Information Systems

Research Question: Can the team learning pedagogy effectively develop technical knowledge and team skills? Abstract: Business schools must learn how to deliver graduates who are capable team players, particularly in the field of information systems where IS personnel are frequently … Continue reading