Isobord’s Geographic Information System Solution

Research Question: Can GIS technology be used to optimize straw harvesting operations? Abstract: Isobord, a start-up company that is setting up a new strawboard production plant in Manitoba, Canada, is facing critical operational problems that threaten its future. Isobord’ s … Continue reading

Telecommuting and Intra-Organizational Communication

Abstract: This study represents a preliminary step towards developing an understanding of how telework arrangements affect intra-organizational communication. The following general research questions  are addressed: (1) Do telework arrangements change the way in which teleworkers communicate with their superiors, their … Continue reading

Telework and the balance between work and family

How do telework arrangements affect an employee’s ability to balance work and family demands? What do employees perceive to be the work and non-work related advantages of telework arrangements? Continue reading

The ethics of telework

Research Question: What are the ethical implications of telework arrangements? Abstract: This essay outlines two potential ethical decisions which organizations are likely to be confronted with as they consider whether or not to adopt telework:  (1) Since it will result … Continue reading