How good are you at multitasking? Try this game …

I recently came across an article showing that laptops in the university classroom lowers performance, both for the student using the laptop as well as for those seated nearby: Junco, R., 2012. In-class multitasking and academic performance. Computers in Human … Continue reading

Can technology leaders really have charisma?

Despite a decent performance by Ashton Kutcher, Joshua Stern’s biopic on the late Steve Jobs has been panned by critics and audiences ( A more compelling, free(!), and “gritty” watch can be found in Steve Jobs The Lost Interview — … Continue reading

Stanford Prison Experiments

I came across the Stanford Prison Experiments while working on a paper exploring cybercrime. In 1971, a professor of Psychology at Stanford University named Philip Zimbardo conducted a bizarre experiment in which 24 students agreed to act as inmates in … Continue reading

Where Good Ideas Come From

This video is based on Steven Johnson’s new book. It looks fascinating. Check out the book at Amazon. Continue reading

Mobile Banking Machines in Africa

Opportunity International is piloting a project bringing mobile banks to rural areas in Malawi. Surveys of Opportunity clients in Malawi revealed that many travel as much as 600km just to save with the bank. Indeed, 85% of Malawi’s 12 million … Continue reading

Roller Coasters & Remote Leaders

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to observe a friend as he has designed and launched a new, high-tech entrepreneurial venture. He has been very generous in sharing the ins and outs, and it has been exciting … Continue reading

The Next Time You Need Your Spleen Removed …

Robo-surgeons. Creepy. Before your next surgery you might want to ask your surgeon if she is warmed up. According to a recent study (referenced here), surgeons who did a dry run on a virtual-reality surgery simulator prior to the real … Continue reading